Midwest Neurofitness is unique among behavioral health care providers in Central Illinois. In addition to traditional professional counseling practices, we offer EEG neurofeedback and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Each of the clinical staff members of Midwest Neurofitness have worked in the behavioral health field in excess of 30 years. We seek to maintain an unsurpassed level of client satisfaction by providing our clients with a powerful array of treatment options and the benefits of clinical experience.


The establishment of the therapeutic relationship is a integral step in the process of improving quality of life. When a client recognizes that the therapist is joining in this journey, the sense of isolation and the feelings of futility that are commonly experienced begin to diminish. Trust, guidance, support, and collaboration are the elements of the relationship that instill the confidence necessary for progress.


Neurofeedback is a training process that enhances the efficiency of the brain in managing the challenges of daily life. Improvements in client concerns such as

sleep, attention, emotional stability, and athletic performance are common goals for neurofeedback training. Midwest Neurofitness has provided neurofeedback since 1998.

Issues Treated with Neurofeedback

Anxiety                     School Performance

Depression               OCD

AD/HD                     Impulsivity/Anger

Insomnia                  Headaches/Migraines

Head Injury             Substance abuse

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Autistic Spectrum Disorders


In 2006, Midwest Neurofitness added the Quantitative EEG (QEEG) assessment procedure to augment neurofeedback training. It is a detailed analysis of an individual’s brain activity. This analysis provides specific information about the patterns of the client’s brain activity to aid in guiding the neurofeedback training process. The QEEG also helps our clients to better understand the physiological basis of many of their issues.


For virtually everyone there are certain negative life experiences that exert a lasting influence. For some individuals the consequences of those experiences are quite dramatic. When the disturbance in emotion, thought, or behavior from an event reaches a high level of severity it might be diagnosed as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For other individuals, the effects of those negative life experiences are not as profound. However they might encounter somewhat similar situations which they do not manage as effectively as expected. A subtle but significant impact upon quality of life is the result.

EMDR is a simple and typically brief therapeutic procedure developed to address the enduring consequences of those

negative life experiences. EMDR research has focused primarily on addressing symptoms of PTSD. However clinical application of EMDR has demonstrated its utility in a broad range of issues. Problems in the workplace, relationships, school, athletic performance, among others are amenable to EMDR processing. Significant benefit is often observed in 1-2 sessions. The staff of Midwest Neurofitness has provided EMDR since 1994.

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